Drones (or UAVs) were once thoughts of as a high end hobby, just for fun and capturing family photos from the air. But with the advent of new technology in camera imagery, obstacle avoidance sensors, together with software applications for programming missions, this has recently become the go to tool for applications across many fields.

The Zenmuse camera mounted on DJI’s most reliable flight platform the Inspire 1 UAV will capture the images you need with the clarity and dynamic imagery you would expect from a professional aerial photographer. And with this same platform able to capture large sweeping view of property and landscapes it also can operate FLIR’s Zenmuse XT Thermal infrared camera for roof, solar array, and crop inspections.

This incredible little bird is what I throw in my back pack to go shoot where other pilots cannot go. With its laser sharp 4k video and on the fly YouTube live connection I can show my clients locations, lighting, angles, features and some seriously tight proximity flying, you just can't get with larger UAVs.


It may look like a toy but this little buzzer is far from one and it is perfect for close quarters work.

GPS stabilization with 3 gimble camera stabilization enables my videos to be rock solid and smooth.

With a top Speed of 40 mph and able to fly in up to 20 mph winds for around 20 plus minutes the DJI Mavic Pro is my choice for quick on the spot aerial videos and photos.


UAV Pilot / Owner

I have been producing impactful videos and capturing fantastic photos for 6 years and have moved into the Aerial Videography market to expand my craft and enhance the services for marketing in the metro Tucson and greater Pima county area. Give me a call and I would love to provide you the service you deserve and go ABOVE your expectations.

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